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Camp Kaleidoscope

A week-long culture camp of: African Language & Beading, Art of Basic Tahitian Dance, Filipino Dance, Mexican Music & Dance, African-American Drama & Music, Russian Music & Culture, Mexico-Art Through Vibrant Colors, International Folk Music, and cooking classes.

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The Lullaby Project

Keys to Life Lullaby Project in partnership with the Carnegie Weill Music Institute. Fifteen mothers will be guided on a personal journey to write a lullaby for their child while they are serving time at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. 

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Cultural Storytelling Festival

Internationally renowned storyteller, Diane Ferlatte will join in the celebration, sharing a story that highlights the importance of storytelling and teaches us how to build community through sharing our own stories

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Comminuty Engagement

Thank you for this opportunity to get to know each other through a shared meal.

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Art 4 Change

We envision a state where voices are empowered through storytelling, music, dance and deepening conversations. We imagine a community where opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural interactions and learning based on our shared human experiences abound.

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Eyes Closed

Through a set of colorful panels displayed throughout Anchorage, Eyes Closed will share stories of 16 students from our diverse population.

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