Camp Kaleidoscope
Coming to Our Community

June 2018

Camp Kaleidoscope will not be held this year
We will re-visit this concept for next year
Thanks for your interest.

A unique opportunity for your child to learn about our diverse community through the arts!

A week-long culture camp of: African Language & Beading, Art of Basic Tahitian Dance, Filipino Dance, Mexican Music & Dance, African-American Drama & Music, Russian Music & Culture, Mexico-Art Through Vibrant Colors, International Folk Music, and cooking classes (African, Italian, Filipino, Norwegian, Soul Food).

Camp Kaleidoscope Sample Schedule

9:15 am (Check In)

9:30 – 10:00 (Morning Gathering)

10:00- 11:00 (African-American Drama and Music)

11:00 – 12:00 (Tahitian Dance)

12:00 – 1:00 (Lunch – Meals are provided)

1:00 – 2:00 (International Folk Music)

2:00 – 3:00 ( Mexico - Art Through Vibrant Colors )

3:00 - 3:30 (Talent Show Case)

4:00 pm (Camper Pick up)

Excellent Staff

"Excellent staff, great variety of activities for youth learn and experience new cultures. My son loved the Samoan dance better out of all his classes”.

"My daughter loved it! She said this was her favorite camp of the summer.”

“I really liked drumming and especially enjoyed the cooking”

“Everything is very fun. Loved the songs."

“I really enjoyed myself, especially during cooking and photography"

Favorite Camp of the Summer!
Amazing Idea!

“This was an amazing idea with so much put into it! I was really impressed with the layout. I loved the activities. I appreciate how positive you are with them. I will recommend this camp to others. It was a good experiences for them!”

Everything is Fun!

Camp Kaleidoscope is a unique opportunity for your child to learn about our diverse community through the arts!


African Language and Beading Class with Atong Dau

Students will use vibrant colors in creating an African beading treasure. They can create a bracelet, anklet or a beautifully adorned necklace to wear. As students are learning to bead, they will learn about the instructor’s African culture and some language. Materials will be supplied.

Art of Basic Tahitian Dance & Culture with Frieda Gilliam

Discover the people, the culture and the dance of Tahiti. Tahitians have a passion for singing and dancing. Learn the basic Tahitian movements and a form of storytelling through dance. Students will learn their names in Tahitian, then learn a performance routine for the final class project.

Filipino Dance Class with Elena Saturnino

Students will learn the national dance, Tinikling, which pays homage to the movements of a bird. Other Filipino dances will include those that use bamboo, Binatbatan and La Jota Moncadena. Students will get a glimpse into the history and language of the Filipino culture.

Mexican Music & Dance Class with Ana Gutierrez-Scholl

Learn Mexican folkloric music and dance, including common conversational phrases. The class is a fun overview of Mexico and its rich culture. Students will come away with a greater appreciation for the people, language and food of Mexico.

African-American Drama Music Class w/ Corinthia Rabb McCoy

This class is an amazing opportunity to teach students about African-American history. Corinthia has fresh ideas with music, drama, mime, and creativity for all students to join in. Get ready for a hand-slapping good time!

Russian Music and Culture Class with Anna Bondarenko

Students will learn specific folk tales, singing, dance and aspects of Russian culture through language and food. And yes, there may be some story telling! It’s an exciting and fun way to dive into Russian culture.

International Folk Music class with Mary Schallert

Learn folk songs from around the world from New Zealand to Africa. We will enjoy the culture behind these songs that you can sing forever.

Mexico Through Vibrant Colors with Indra Arriaga

This class will introduce students to Mexican culture through drawing and painting. Students will learn about Mexican history, culture, food, music, and landscapes, and will have an opportunity to make art based on these topics.

Discover Culture through Cooking Classes

Italian Cooking with Judith Mack
African Cooking with Ida Mboge
Filipino Cooking with Nancy Garcia
Norwegian Cooking with Mickey Andrew
Soul Food Cooking with Phenom Meals



We have two convienent ways to register for your camp. Please select which would work best for you. The mail-in registration allows you to send us a check by US mail. Email ( registration allows you to pay online.

Registration Coming Soon!

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